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Easily load everything you need.

Landscape/utility trailers are very versatile. Whether you're hauling equipment/materials for landscaping or hauling recreational vehicles, there are a multitude of trailers to pick from. If being exposed to weather is not an issue, then an open landscape/utility trailer may be the most economical choice for you.  These trailers are typically lighter and do not affect aerodynamics as much as enclosed trailers.

If you're shopping for an open landscape/utility trailer, one consideration is whether or not you would like side walls. Side walls are an advantage when hauling materials that are loose and could blow out of the trailer. They also provide the option of covering the trailer with a tarp for limited protection from the elements. Trailer sides typically consist of wood slats or welded steel. Opting for a trailer with removable sides can give you the advantages of both styles if you have a place to store the sides when they are removed.

Larger landscape/utility trailers are easy to load as they usually include tailgates that double as ramps for rolling equipment onto the trailer.

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