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Detro Trailers | New and used car haulers, enclosed cargo and utility dump equipment flatbed trailers | Indianapolis, IN.

About Us

Detro Trailer Sales' humble beginnings started from an unforeseen need that arose from one of the many different business ventures of Dan and Jessie Detro.  Let's just say that in the retail business, you should always listen to your customers and their needs.  Here is the story...

In the 1960’s, Dan began a crushed stone and dump trucking business. He opened a gravel plant to help facilitate this business but also started buying grain from local farmers due to the local elevator closing its doors. In 1979, the original property at the corner of US 36 & US 231 was purchased for the gravel & grain businesses.  During the slow seasons, Dan and his wife, Jessie, began to sell used cars and also started a produce business to help stay productive. After a few years, these ventures were closed though and a new venture took their place - selling hand tools and woodworking equipment.

Then, after again listening to their customers, Dan & Jessie decided to add several new items for sale such as outdoor lights, sunglasses, t-shirts, gifts, toys, and china cabinets.  After a while though, the need arose to add several small storage buildings to house their ever increasing inventory. This set-up worked fine until decorative pillows were added to the inventory and storage space started to fill up again.  So Dan then purchased a small, used enclosed trailer to store the pillows. This move then created an unanticipated problem - people kept wanting to buy the used trailer.  Dan & Jessie eventually decided to do what they always did...listen to their customers.

In August of 1990, Detro Trailer Sales started with an inventory of 5 trailers on the lot.  Dan & Jessie sold three trailers in that first year.  Undeterred, the trailer business steadily grew year after year, so they had to purchase more land.  After a while, the trailer inventory reached an amazing 1,000 trailers at its peak. Since trailer sales proved so successful, Dan & Jessie held an auction in the early 2000’s to sell all of the remaining small merchandise and buildings - everything except for the trailers.

Today, 32 years after Detro Trailer Sales began, Dan and Jessie have retired and live nearby.  The trailer business, now known as Detro Trailers LLC, is still thriving under the leadership of their son, Tony, with the loving support of his wife, Pamela and their three children. 

Detro Trailers LLC now sits on over 30 acres with an average inventory of almost 800 trailers.  The business employs 8-10 people.  Detro Trailers LLC is still offering multiple leading brands of trailers such as Sure-Trac, Imperial, Cargo Express, Air-Tow, Aluma, Discovery and Cam Superline along with other manufacturers.

Today, as it has been for over 30 years, the main business objective of Detro Trailers LLC is still the same - Provide outstanding customer service while offering a quality trailer at the best possible price to the customer.